Modern Coffee Tables

Coffee tables add style and elegance to a living or dining room. They are an ideal place to rest your weary legs after a long day at work, and many designs are available to suit most interior styles. Choosing the right coffee tables for small spaces can be difficult however, as more often than not you will find yourself with tiny places that are hard to furnish. So what shape coffee tables should you go for? 

Shapes and Materials

Oval and round coffee tables are ideal options for spaces which get high to medium traffic day after day as there is a lack of sharp corners which can pose a big problem in very narrow or tight spaces.

Glass and metal coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes and these two materials often blend well together. But that glass and metal shapes are the best? Consider the shape of the table as the base for your coffee tables decor. While traditionally rectangles have been great as they give the room a great big space, round tables allow you to fill in small spaces and square tables allow you to fit in spaces where rectangular tables would be too bulky. You should consider whether you are looking for coffee tables that hang from the ceiling or are on the floor. If you have young children it is best to go for the latter option as the edges of a round table can easily be cut, even with baby scissors.

Oak coffee tables have always been popular but some people still opt for this material despite the increased cost. Oak provides a warm, welcoming feel to a room as it has a natural, appealing scent. Wood also stains well and you will often find coffee tables made from oak stained in dark colours to give a very dark look. Woods also has a natural shine to them, which is great if you want a matching coffee table set with different woods.

Plastic coffee tables have recently become very popular and come in an endless array of designs, shapes and colours. These tables usually feature a mirrored top which is great for showing off your collection of trophies or glassware. The most common shape for plastic coffee tables is the square and although these tables are available in many different sizes and shapes they do not work particularly well in rooms where space is limited. In these cases it is better to choose another material for your coffee tables. Glass coffee tables have recently grown in popularity and are often seen in living rooms and bedroom suites as they give the room a modern look.

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A popular style of coffee tables is the tabletop type. Tabletop coffee tables generally come with a flat, wide tabletop on which several items can be placed. Some examples of items that could be placed on a tabletop include a vase, a set of glasses, a book or a vase of flowers. The advantage of a tabletop coffee table over a traditional coffee table is that it gives you more surface area and so enables you to present a wider selection of items to your guests. Tabletop coffee tables also tend to be cheaper than their full-sized counterparts and are often easy to clean. They can however be a little bit difficult to keep clean and some people will wash them after every use.

The latest style of coffee tables is the acrylic version. These tables were initially developed as an alternative to the hard wooden versions. Acrylic is similar to glass and offers the same wide array of colours and styles. However, the main difference between acrylic and glass is the cost. Acrylic is considerably cheaper than glass and so some people are choosing to buy acrylic rather than glass.


It is important to remember when purchasing coffee tables that they are all measured in millimetres. This means that if you are looking for a coffee table that is three inches wide by six inches deep then the specific dimension is: three inches multiplied by six inches. You should therefore ensure that the coffee tables that you are looking at are the right size for the room in which they will be placed. Tables that are too large will simply not fit into the room and tables that are too small will dwarf other items in the room which can result in a very cluttered and uninteresting living space. For example, one may find themselves unable to place a coffee table in a hallway as it would either completely block the doorway or it would be completely visible.

Modern coffee tables come in a variety of different materials including wood, metal and glass. As the name suggests, coffee tables made out of wood are most commonly used in living rooms, whereas those made of metal are ideal for rooms of younger children. Glass coffee tables offer a sense of height and clarity to any space. They are often seen in children’s rooms, as they enable you to show off a nice collection of dolls or small stuffed animals. Similarly, smaller coffee tables made from glass are perfect spaces savers as they allow you to use smaller areas of your home such as a porch or veranda.