Kids Beds With Storage – A Few Tips to Help You Choose the Right Bed

Kids beds with storage are very popular. You see them in children’s hospitals, pediatricians offices and indeed at home as well. A twin or full-size bed can become a fortress for little kids to retreat to when they are scared or having a bad day. It can be a place of peace where a child can sit and read, play games, study or watch television. When shopping for kids beds with storage, you need to first determine the bed size that your kids will grow into.

Styles of Kids Beds

There are two main styles of kids beds with storage: twin beds and full-size beds. When you are comparing prices, take into account the extra mattress that twin beds come with. Some beds come with a twin-bed option that doubles as a bunk bed. This is a great way to save money on kids beds.

Measure your kids’ current bed size and then add three inches to the total. You can use this formula to calculate the exact amount of space you need for kids beds with storage. For example, if your child has a current bed size that is thirteen inches by ten inches, you should have around four hundred cubic feet of room for storage. Once you have the exact number of cubic feet, you can multiply it by nine to get the average sitting height of a twin bed. Add this to the bed size to get the average sitting height for twin beds with storage.

Next, measure the inside dimensions of the kids’ bed frame. You need to make sure that the mattress can be stretched across the entire frame. The height of the mattress from the floor to the top of the headroom measurement should not be less than one inch. If it is, the frame may need to be made smaller to fit under the bed frame. Take the inside dimensions of the headroom and multiply these by three. This gives you the number of square inches of storage that you will need on the inside of the twin bed frame.

kids beds with storage

Twin Bed Frame

Now take the measurements of the twin bed frame. You will need a tape measure and mark the corners of the frame. Marking the corners allows you to have a reference point while you measure your kid’s bed size. This will allow you to place the mattress at the point where you want the bed to go. To save space for kids’ clothes, there are low profile mattress pads available to purchase with storage included.

Kids love to crawl into bed and rollover. The low profile mattress pads and twin mattresses with storage allow them to do just that. Low profile means that the mattress sits low to the ground which makes it much more comfortable for kids to crawl in and roll out. Some stores sell kids beds with low lofts built-in which means that kids can sleep up high with a bottom bunk and then have another big bed for their night’s sleep. These low lofts make it possible for kids to have a loft bed that is higher than their room.

Shopping for Kids Beds

One thing to look for when shopping for kids beds with storage is whether or not the bed frame has built-in guard rails. If you have older kids or if your kids are older, you may not be able to use guard rails. Having guard rails installed will help prevent injuries because they prevent kids from rolling out of the bed during a sleepover.

If you choose a bed with built-in guard rails, you will have to replace them as your kids get older. Another consideration for purchasing kids beds with storage is whether the mattress pad has been treated with a protective waterproof coat. This will help extend the life of the mattress pad because the waterproof coating will keep water from sitting on the mattress over time. Another option to consider purchasing kids beds with storage is purchasing one with built-in trundle beds. This is similar to having a loft bed with the trundle opening being located below the bed frame.