Choosing A Dining Suite

What is a Dining Suite? A Dining Suite, according to some dictionaries, is a collection of dining room furniture and/or service which may contain a dining table, small chairs, a sideboard or hutch, and perhaps additional storage for dining supplies including glasses, silverware, plates and crockery. They are usually provided by hoteliers upon request. Dining suites are available in many different styles and sizes from a corner suite to a large dining suite.

Types of Dining Suites

Perhaps the most common and elegant dining suite is the corner dining suite. This type of dining table fits snugly into a corner in a hotel or other large establishment where a room is at a premium. Many hotels offer a discount or a special price on a large dining table when it is purchased along with a variety of other restaurant and hotel furnishings.

A leather dining suite is the most expensive option in dining furniture. Most leather dining tables are constructed from a dense hide of top grade Italian leather. Also, the top layer of the hide is covered in decorative fur. The combination of thick, luxurious leather and beautiful fur creates a dining table that commands respect and attention.

Another type of luxury dining chair that is quite popular with diners is the wide leather dining chair. This style of chair lends itself to an open design scheme so that it can be positioned in several areas of a dining room. Some of these styles of dining table also have an Ottoman attached to the bottom of the table. An Ottoman adds comfort to the chair, while also providing a stylish area to store items or even a small television.

Sectional Dining Area

Some families opt for a sectional dining area that merges the dining room with the den or recreational room. These dining rooms combine the dining area with a media room or game room area that features heavy leather furniture with a tacked down finish. The chairs in this room are usually more comfortable than the ones found in a dining room because the area is usually smaller. However, these dining room chairs are not ideal for large families with children or pets that can get up and sit in your dining area.

dining suite

Families with children will appreciate a dining room that has a high level of comfort. Choosing a dining suite that has a comfortable seating area will make it more enjoyable for your family and friends. Also, if you have a large family or host many gatherings, a dining room with high comfort levels will reduce the number of times you must replace chairs.


When shopping for a new dining suite, you will find that there are many different styles available. This includes various shapes and sizes of dining tables as well as different styles of cabinetry. If you plan to use your dining area for formal dinners, then you should probably go with a classic dining table design. However, if you wish for your dining area to be used for romantic evenings with just the two of you, then you can choose from a wide variety of modern designs.

Dining suites are an excellent choice when looking to update your dining area. These can add a great new look to your dining area, especially if you are redecorating. You will find that they are very affordable and can add an attractive element to your dining area. It is important to keep in mind the size and dimensions of the dining area before you order your dining suite. Make sure that your chosen design will fit into the area so that you do not have any issues with fitting your furniture to space.